Rick Collup – Owner/head trainer. I have lived in Reno all my life. I’ve been training in the martial arts since I was 7 years old. I’ve been involved in almost every form of martial arts and have several black belts/instructor belts. I was fighting in full contact events before they were ever popular, always trying to better myself.

I have held titles in some of the biggest MMA fights around at the time. I have fought the worlds toughest fighters including UFC hall of fame fighter Dan Severn, Cal Worsham, Jason Lambert, Jimmy Ambriz, Bo Cantrell and several others. I have trained with Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Nate Diaz, Cung Li, Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Frank Shamrock, Quinton Jackson, Justin Ellison, Martin Kampmann, Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall and many more. I am not naming these people and experiences to brag although I am very proud of myself for stepping up and putting my name and reputation on the line. I am a very humble person and always have an open mind to learning new things so I can pass them on to my fighters.

IMG_3525 Oscar Ramirez –  Is a Pro MMA fighter with over 17 fights. Oscar Ramirez is a contracted Bellator fighter, and is currently undefeated in California and is fighting for the Title in the Flyweight division.





IMG_0156Heather Collup/Owner/Trainer/Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Advisor/ Weight Loss Practitioner. I teach all the Cardio Kickboxing classes and all but 2 Strength & Conditioning classes.  In my classes you will never plateau or get bored.  I do your measurements and help with your basic nutritional needs.  I can also meet with you for one on ones for complete nutrition. My students lose about 10-20 inches the first two weeks or more if you are on my one on one program.   We work our butts off in class and have a blast doing it.  We work with banana bags, focus mitts, weights, machines, circuit training and much more.  Everyone is welcome in all our classes, men, women, children of all fitness levels.   I can help you reach any of your fitness goals.  I look forward to meeting you.