Firearms Training

Basic, intermediate and advanced courses available.  We will teach you the very best techniques to survive real World attacks. We teach real tactics and techniques so you can protect yourself, your family and innocent people. Call for schedule and available space!

Basic Firearm Handling Class = $59

No live shooting. Taught right in our training facility. You will learn all aspects of how a Handgun works. You will know exactly how your own Handgun works, if it has safeties and how to work Gun properly in a self defense situation. Basics of how to hold, aim and fire your Handgun. Loading and unloading, cleaning, storage and several other important life saving measures.

CCW Class – $80
CCW classes are taught by Rick Collup who is a certified CCW Instructor for the State of Nevada. These CCW classes are a minimal of eight hours as is required by the State of Nevada. You will be taught everything from the very basics of gun handling, Nevada laws, reality issues and everything between. This is said to be the very best eight hours of handgun learning most people have ever had! Call ASAP to get your spot as they fill up very fast!

Basic Firearm Defense & Home Safety Class = $89

No live shooting. This class takes it a step farther and teaches you how to hold your Gun and walk with it in a life threatening situation. You will become very familiar with you Handgun in all aspects of Self defense. You will feel comfortable unloading, loading your magazine, how to pull your handgun from your holster/purse. Several important legal issues, laws and questions. You will know exactly how, when and where you’ll defend yourself.

Tactical Classes = $79

This is live a shooting class. You will learn to shoot your Gun in a real situation at an outdoor range in a reality scenario. This class is very safe and professional and gives you all the mindsets of live movement while shooting, pulling from your holster/purse. You will be very familiar with your handgun after this class. Everyone who has done this class, loves it and wants to schedule more. You will great instruction, have fun and learn real life shooting techniques and scenarios. You need a CCW holster, CCW gun, 500-1000 bullets or more. This is a great class if you are really serious about carrying your handgun on a daily basis.