Clinical Weight Loss Program

Class Overview

This is a 5 week program. The first appointment is an hour. We go over weight history, health history, nutrition history, your goals, take measurements, weight and heart rate. We break down all YOUR Macronutrients and show you how to stay within your daily caloric needs to meet your goals the healthy way. The next 4 appointments are weekly. We go over your food logs, recipes, time management, measurements, weight. We help you EVERY step of the way. We are always just a phone call or text away. This is not a one size fits all program. This is a personalized ONE on ONE Clinical Weight Loss Program taught by an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner that cares about YOU. You will not starve, lose muscle and gain fat, no shots, no ridiculous hard to meet money back guarantees you wont meet. Clinical Weight Loss Programs are Scientifically proven, not just a person telling you to eat frozen yogurt, rice cakes, chicken and broccoli. A person on a super strict diet will only stick to it for a little while. We teach you how to change your lifestyle. $249 for the first 5 week session. $50 for each additional 4 week session.

Class Details

Personalized Plans, Healthy Lifestyle, Macro Balanced Recipes
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